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  • Property Insurance

    Emirates Insurance Company provides a broad range of Insurance Products and Services to meet the needs of Companies, Business Establishments, Organizations and Individuals.

    Value Of Insurance to you

    Your Buildings, Business Establishments, Factories, Warehouses, Stocks, Offices and other movable and immovable properties are vulnerable to losses caused by natural and industrial accidents against which we insure you.

    Our Property Insurance Policies

    • Fire and Allied Perils Insurance covers loss and damage arising out of fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake, storm, flood, impact, malicious damage, civil commotion, subsidence, spontaneous combustion, sprinkler leakage, burglary, etc.
    • Property All Risk Insurance has a wider form of protection which covers all risks of physical loss or damage to properties, machineries, stocks, etc. subject to certain exclusions.
    • Consequential loss insurance covers business establishments from financial losses caused by interruption of their business following loss of or damage to the property from insured perils.
    • House Holders Comprehensive Insurance covers loss of or damage to the Contents whilst contained in the Insured Building.
    • Plate Glass Insurance covers breakage of fixed plate glass due to any cause not otherwise expected.
    • Terrorism Insurance covers damage to property and associated business interruption due to terrorism.
  • Engineering Insurance

    Contractors’ All Risks / Erection All Risk

    Covers any unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage from any cause, in a manner necessitating repair or replacement to contract works, construction plants, equipment and machinery. This policy provides protection throughout the construction period followed by maintenance, if any for losses arising out of the maintenance work. Furthermore, it covers legal liability to third parties in respect of :

    • Accidental body injury
    • Accidental loss of, or damage to property
    • Legal expenses for defending any proceedings with insured’s consent

    Contractors’ Plant & Equipment Insurance

    Covers all kinds of plant, equipment, tools, etc. against accidental damages up to the full value declared by the insured, on an annual basis or for the duration of the contract.

    Machinery Breakdown Insurance

    Covers all kinds of static plant, equipment, tools, etc against mechanical or electrical breakdown. Usually factories, refrigeration units, etc. require such type of policy to protect their assets.

    Electronic Equipment Insurance

    Covers any loss and/or damage to computers, laptops, digital / video cameras, etc. caused by any unforeseen sudden physical loss or damage from any cause other than excluded under the policy.

    Deterioration of Stock

    Covers loss and damage to stock in cold storage due to breakdown of the cold store machinery. This cover is offered in conjunction with the Machinery breakdown cover for the cold store machinery.

  • Motor Insurance

    A wide range of Motor insurance policies are available through EIC.

    The main types of policies on offer are :


    This provides covers against accidental damage to the insured vehicle and third party vehicle or property, injury to third parties and liability to passengers in the policyholder’s car
    Agency repair will be offered subject to conditions.

    Third party liability

    This cover insures against accidental damage to a third party vehicle, injury to third party, Liability towards property damage and to passengers in the policyholder’s car

    Motor Fleet policies

    This is an annual cover for all the vehicles owned by the insured under a single policy. Vehicles can be added and deleted any day during the policy period.

  • Employee Benefit Insurance

    Group Life Insurance

    Designed to provide life insurance for the employees of an organization. This cover is provided against death by any cause which can be extended to include additional accidental death benefit, permanent total/partial disability due to accident or sickness, temporary total disablement due to accident or sickness, medical expenses (accidental) and repatriation expenses.

    Group Medical Insurance

    Emirates Insurance is an authorized insurance provider in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi for medical insurance as per the provisions of the Health Insurance Law of Abu Dhabi and are licensed to participate in the health insurance program to be launched in Dubai. We have different levels of cover, namely Basic Plan and Enhanced Plan, based on the annual limit and territorial limit of the cover. The schemes can be tailor made to client’s requirement subject to compliance of applicable Health Insurance Laws.

    HanseMerkurReiseversicherung AG

    The HanseMerkur Group is the second-oldest insurance provider in Germany. With a legacy dating back more than 125 years, HanseMerkurReiseversicherung AG operates as reinsurer for the Expat Series Health Insurance Plans. The HanseMerkur Group has more than seven million individuals around the globe covered by their products, making them an exclusive, dependable, and highly experienced partner.

    HanseMerkur Global DIFC

    The HanseMerkur Group represented directly through HanseMerkur Global at the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). HanseMerkur Global oversees the interests of the HanseMerkur Group including reinsurance management and intermediation of the available Health Insurance Plans.

    German Care International

    As a member of the HanseMerkur Group, German Care International is a top-tier Insurance Consultancy supporting the portfolios reinsured through the HanseMerkur Group. German Care International has been established to assist customers and partners in any service related aspects and to ensure that the service levels are maintained at a level superior to the rest.
    In this region HanseMerkurReiseversicherung AG has partnered up with the local insurance company Emirates Insurance Company since 2007. With Emirates Insurance Company claims are administered through Neuron.



    Group Personal Accident

    Covers personal accident resulting in bodily injury and/or death for employees of an organization. The insurance provides cover against bodily injury resulting directly and independently of all other cause by accident on or off duty and anywhere in the world.

    Workmen’s Compensation/Employers Liability Insurance

    Covers compensation payable by an employer to his employees, following injuries caused by work related accidents. In UAE Workmen compensation is governed by chapter 8 of Federal Law No. 1980 and Employer’s Liability by Sharia Law/Common Law.

  • Marine & Aviation Insurance

    Marine Cargo Insurance

    Covers cargo against loss and/or damage during transit by sea, air or land caused by the perils incidental to the mode of transit, as may be agreed. A variety of insurance covers to cater for your needs are available, be it any kind of general cargo or specialized cargo. Coverage is available for transit risks as well as for war & strikes risks. Policies may be issued to cover single consignments, or shipments over a period of time.

    Marine Hull Insurance

    We offer a variety of covers for a wide range of commercial waterborne tonnage, and the following types of vessels :-

    • Ocean-going tonnage
    • Oil & Gas related tonnage
    • Coastal and Port craft
    • Yachts and other pleasure craft
    • Dry Docks and Floating Docks

    Cover is available for navigational risks, protection & indemnity liabilities, mortgage interest, loss of hire, business interruption, ship repairers’ and builders’ risks, war & SRCC risks, and political risks, as may be appropriate.

    Aviation Insurance

    A wide range of cover is available for airlines or businesses that have special purpose aircraft fleets.

    • Loss/Damage to the hull of the aircraft
    • Third party aviation liabilities
    • Personal accident cover for the third parties and passengers
    • Airport owners’ and operators’ liability
    • Aviation products liabilities
    • Hull war risk
  • Oil & Gas Products

    Emirates Insurance Company Oil and Energy Team provides services to clients throughout the world, focusing on energy-related oil and gas risks.

    The following range of cover is available for operations during the construction phase, the exploration phase as well as during the production phase.

    • Insurance on equipment, on an all risks basis
    • Cost of control, seepage & pollution liability, re-drilling expenses insurance
    • General Third Party Liability Insurance
    • Physical Damage Insurance for onshore/offshore properties-platforms, pipelines, rigs etc.
    • Offshore combined Construction, Transit and Liability insurance
  • Package Insurance

    Hotel Comprehensive/Block Insurance

    This is a package policy specially designed for hotels. We bring Property All risk Insurance, Loss of Revenue Insurance, Legal Liability Insurance, Engineering Insurance and other Miscellaneous Insurances (Money Insurance, Marine Insurance, etc.) as per the requirements of the clients under one umbrella.
    Under this Insurance we offer cover against all risks of physical loss or damage, machinery breakdown, boiler explosion, loss of revenue and extended coverage as listed above to which the hotels are exposed to in their day-to-day business operations.

    Jewellers’ Block Insurance

    This product is specially designed for gold and jewellery traders. It covers the risk to which gold and jewellery traders are exposed.
    Under this we cover the office furniture, fixtures, fittings, machinery, plants, safes, alarm systems, tenant’s decorations and improvements, stock of Jewelry and all other contents, against loss or damage by fire, lightning, burglary, holdup, explosion, etc.

    Office Comprehensive Insurance

    Under this insurance we cover losses and damages to the contents of the office, cash in transit/safe and legal liabilities of the insured. The cover includes losses arising from fire, lightning, burglary, explosion etc.

  • International Risk Solutions

    International Risk Solutions is the Reinsurance division of Emirates Insurance.The International division is located in Business Bay in Dubai, and benefits from the same Capital and AM Best A- Rating.

    • International Energy reinsurance
    • International Property and Engineering facultative reinsurance
  • Terrorism/ Political Violence

    Terrorism/Political Violence Insurance covers damage to property and associated business interruption due to terrorism/political violence.

  • Financial Insurance

    Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

    It covers direct pecuniary losses sustained by the insured owing to fraudulent embezzlement by the Employees who are entrusted with money, stock, etc. or who are authorized signatories.

    Money Insurance

    It covers loss of money in any of the following situations:

    • While in a locked safe
    • While in premises during business hours
    • While in transit between the office premises and bank or between any premises

    Bankers Blanket Bond Insurance

    It covers crime and other accidental exposures faced by banks or other financial institutions such as Infidelity of employees, Loss of money in transit/Premises, Forgery, counterfeit currency, ATM’s, Computer Crime, Professional Negligence etc

  • Liability Insurance

    General Third Party Liability/Public Liability/Comprehensive General Liability Insurance

    Covers the insured against all sums, which the insured shall become legally liable to pay in respect of :

    • Accidental bodily injury to any person.
    • Accidental loss of or accidental damage to property happening in connection with the Insured’s business.

    Products Liability Insurance

    Covers the insured against all sums, which the insured shall become legally liable to pay in respect of :

    • Accidental bodily injury to any person
    • Accidental loss of or accidental damage to property arising due to use of the Products sold/supplied by the insured.

    Professional Liability Insurance

    Covers legal liability arising out of professional negligence of the insured or his employees. Different professions such as Architects, Engineers, Consultants, Lawyers and Accountants can be covered under this insurance.