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Core Values
  • Engagement : thorough understanding and responding to our stakeholder’s needs.
  • Excellence : through expertise, efficiency and sound decision-making in all we do.
  • Sustainability : through balance in economic, societal and environmental development.
  • Integrity : through uncompromising commitment to transparency and ethical principles

To be a leading national force in the insurance industry, combining professional resources and skills with customer focus to deliver profitable growth.


“ To operate our national company to International standards.”

  • Sound underwriting skill: provide competitive products and ensure EIC’s superior profitability.
  • Proactive sales approach: target most attractive client relationships.
  • Performance culture and compensation of individual contribution: attract most talented staff.
  • Need-driven product offering: closely align product development with client requirements.
  • Uncompromising Risk Management Philosophy: Not only to underwriting decisions but also Investment management
Our Mission Presupposes
  • A clear course for sustained profitable growth and value creation for our stake holders.
  • Operating within our Risk Appetite
  • Actions consistently geared to the individual needs of our clients.
  • A strong capital base, integrated risk management and the concentration of our resources on commercial success.
  • The strengths of our staff who develop the best possible solutions with their knowledge of the insurance markets and their capacity for innovation.
  • A pronounced performance culture that motivates our staff, setting clear objectives, giving feedback openly, learning from our mistakes and rewarding success.
  • Our entrepreneurial responsibility, with a commitment to transparency, sustainability and an obligation to society as a whole.


Emirates Insurance strives to deliver the best-in-class customer service and attractive shareholders return. Emirates Insurance aspires to be the leading force in the insurance industry. Leadership combines professional skills, capital strength, and customer focus to generate economic profit growth.

Generate Profitable Growth

Emirates Insurance is committed to providing sustainable growth for its shareholders, and therefore allocates capital and other resources by assessing each business opportunity in both risk adjusted and cost-adjusted terms. Profitable growth also requires disciplined management of the insurance cycle based on a combination of scale, diversification and sound underwriting principles. The focus on economic profit secures the quality of the EIC’s earnings and makes Emirates Insurance strong, dependable partner for clients.

Reduce Investment Volatility

In addition to its scale, EIC applies a wide range of tools to reduce investments volatility, including limiting downside exposure while capturing attractive risk-adjusted returns on assets. By addressing potential sources of volatility on both sides of balance sheet, Emirates Insurance aims to deliver sustainable earnings to shareholders.

Operate as a Truly National Insurer

The changing risk landscape and the fast paced expansion of the UAE economy creates opportunities for Emirates Insurance to extend its presence into new locations within UAE and markets and develop innovative products for existing markets. As a client-driven company, Emirates Insurance focuses both on deepening relationships with Existing customers as well as on attracting new ones. The skills and resources the Company intends to develop, such as risk models and asset management, have significant commercial value for clients, bringing additional opportunities for growth through cross-selling.

Nurture Talent, Culture, & Organizational Excellence

The Company’s long-term success depends critically on its on ability to attract and retain the best people. Client and shareholders benefit from the innovation and responsiveness of Emirates Insurance’s results-oriented approach, which applies capabilities through cross-functional teams. In order to achieve effective risk control and disciplined underwriting, Emirates Insurance has separated also responsibility for client service, underwriting, reserving, and reporting, allowing market-leading transparency and best in class service, as well as attractive, sustainable returns for shareholders.

Participate in the GCC and Afro-Asian Markets

EIC International was formed in 2012to enable EIC to underwrite a cross border book of business that complements our existing retail domestic business. Starting with offering facultative capacity to the Afro Asian energy and marine markets and eventually extending to other classes of non-marine reinsurance products.

Provide Best in Class Customer Service

Emirates Insurance’s dedicated focus enables the EIC to utilize its expertise to develop effective solutions for our clients. The customer service initiative is the primary driver for our delivering of best in class customer service.

Achieve Attractive Shareholder Returns

Emirates Insurances underwriting and investment management, combined with organizational excellence to provide the necessary tools for delivering attractive shareholder returns.

Respect and maintain a Culture of Enterprise Risk Management

Emirates Insurance’s Enterprise Risk Management shall facilitate the creation of sustainable competitive advantage, optimize the cost of managing risk and help management improve business performance. The Risk Appetite for both insurance and investments activities are monitored, adjusted and updated on a continuous basis.

Ensure Business Continuity

Expand the current disaster recovery program to deal with any realistic disaster scenario which might place the business at risk.